Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and the Cairo Gang play a set for WVFS Tallahassee

Bonnie Prince Billy/The Cairo Gang, V89 hoot studio.

American singer-songwriter Bonnie Prince Billy waltzed (rather randomly – he’s not really touring)  into V89’s  live studio with The Cairo Gang and performed a set live on the air.  Wearing a white jumpsuit with a matching white treble clef bro hat, he warmed up, did sound check and, along with cairo gang, spent a few moments lying full-body on the floor of our studio.  Fun!  He took requests live on air – the first request was from someone wanting “the song with the word ‘Birds’ in it,” which he translated to “One with the Birds.”  He ended up playing another song about quails? and only played the chorus of “One with the Birds.”

“I’m only playing the chorus of ‘Birds’, like R.Kelly” was his reasoning to why he didn’t play the request.  Ha!  He then quipped about how he would theme his set on “wildlife.”  He actually did,  for the most part.

He then played  “Wolf among Wolves,” a personal favorite and “I See A Darkness,” among others…

As an aside – he seems to like (well, they toured together) Sir Richard Bishop, who is playing in Tallahassee, along with The Swans on Sept. 15.  v89 played a Sir Richard song right before the there was a brief convo with the DJ….

I was impressed with his live set – he managed to sound professional without losing his sense of humor.  Maybe I’ll post a song soon, so check back?

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  1. says:

    yes post the full show!

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