Photo of the Week – The Lovers

Celestial Bodies Aligned –  sexy Alex has her sun in Scorpio, I have my moon in Scorpio.  My friend Yusuf Gamieldien, a photographer, snapped this photo during the sun-moon conjunction in Scorpio new moon eclipse.  Like attracts like as depicted in the Major Arcana card, The Lovers.  I bought these dresses in Korea, both are the same cut, one in black and one in white. never worn.  You can purchase them at $25 a piece and be cool like the Asians! Message me for details:

the lovers3

VI The Lovers, Photo by Yusuf Gamieldien


Tarot Combination of the Day (Friday Oct. 31, 2014) – 2 of Pentacles and 8 of Swords

2014-10-31 02.00.06

2 of pentacles and 8 of swords, Centennial Waite Deck

Happy Halloween/Samhain!  Your Halloween reading is all about what stops you from keeping you in the flow of abundance.  The idea I get is that, your mind, your outdated beliefs stop you from keeping in the flow.

The first card is the 2 of pentacles.  I see this card as the flow of abundance…having a sense of play about living in the material world, of participating in life, of understanding the intrinsic idea of E=MC2.  Energy and Matter are intertwined, do what you love and you’ll see the flow of material resources.  Crowley assigns this card’s astrological association to Jupiter in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.  Both Jupiter and Saturn are completely at odds, but when working together, capable of BIG things.   Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts, Jupiter is optimistic, Saturn is more pragmatic.  Jupiter has BIG ideas, Saturn has PRACTICAL ideas.  Together, a formidable force – doing that thing you love but with a solid grounding.  If you look at the card, he is on solid ground, despite his funny hat and precarious juggling and wacky waves in the background.  The card urges you have room to be WILD when you come from a place of flow, which, according to some new age circles means, LOVE.  Do what you love dudes, it may take time to get the balance of it all, but it is worth your time if it means enjoying your life.

And now for the downer, the mind.  The suit of swords is ruled my the mind.  The 8 of swords is pretty easy to interpret when you look at the image – a woman tied up and blindfolded.  it’s the “STUCK” card.  The mind has a way of creating obstacles and saying, no, you have to be more conventional blah blah, things put in identifiable boxes .  Same-as-it-ever-was, old ideas of security keeping you from not moving out of your comfort zone.  Fun times.  You can see that she is not tied to anything, she stands alone.  This is all her doing.  I find this idea as taking responsibility for limiting beliefs, finding those blind spots, those attitudes and ideas that keep us from being in the “flow” of the 2 of pentacles.

What keeps you stuck?  Where are you shut down?  The cards invite you to explore where your mind and beliefs are limiting you from the abundance that is already available to you.  Prosperity and happiness are available to you right here, right now.  Release what binds you and take what was always yours to begin with.

Tarot Combination of the Day (Weds. Oct. 29, 2014): Ace of Swords and Ace of Cups

2014-10-29 00.04.32

Ace of Swords and Ace of Cups, Centennial Waite Deck

Typically, when I do a reading and get this combination, I advise the querent to keep an open mind and open heart.  Easy enough, since the swords rule the intellect, and the cups rule all things heart related. However, given that this is a reading for everyone, my inclination is to think these aces are eclipse related.  We just closed the chapter on the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse axis, although, of course their effects ripple throughout space/time. Anyway, those eclipses won’t be back until the 2030’s y’all.  I imagine, in true Scorpio fashion, there were/are DRAMATIC endings and exits.  With Uranus involved, perhaps SHOCKING.  But like all endings, beginnings abound as well.

I did a few shuffles to make sure the energy was consistent…and I kept getting aces.   Great!  Take advantage of the new ideas and spiritual awakenings that ensue during this eclipse-charged period of time.  While there may not outwardly be a manifestation yet, that’s OK.  Your heart and mind are expanding and eventually, something new will take shape.  Opportunities for greater joy and open/honest communications are presenting themselves to you.  Baby steps.  Or, even better, beautiful heart/mind openings even MORE dramatic than the situations you left behind.



Tarot Combination of the Day (Tues Oct. 21, 2014) – Death and 3 of Pentacles

2014-10-21 02.51.27

Death and 3 of Pentacles, Morgan-Greer Deck

There’s some quote somewhere on Tumblr, or some other social media site that says something like, “The only constant is change.”  Probably tagged with a famous name like Einstein or Rupaul, who probably didn’t even quote the text.  Ah, the travails of modern life.  Nevertheless, the quote is simple, if not cliche, and, like any truth, simple and complex.  The world we live in is a place in constant flux – nothing stays the same.  There’s no better card to exemplify this truth than the Death card in tarot.

The Death card’s astrological association is Scorpio – how fitting, because the sun is about to ingress Scorpio.  What does Scorpio represent?  Only sex, death, taxes, other peoples’ money, transformation.  Pretty much on point with what card 13 represents.

The three of pentacles is traditionally the card of the “specialist.”  It’s the card of the initial fulfillment of a creative venture, the manifestation of a project in the material world.  Traditionally, in the Rider-Waite deck, there are 3 people collaborating on a project, each seemingly valuing each others opinion and working together to create what seems like art.  However, the Morgan-Greer version is a bit more distilled and depicts a solitary man toiling away on his project, in the shadows.

What needs to die in order that you can create?  I guess that’s the question that you need to ask yourself when the sun enters Scorpio….How can you create a space of vulnerability so that you may open to others’ feedback and truly manifest your vision within a supportive collaborative community?  The gift that we walk away with when something within/without us dies is the sense of opening up even more to allow for more of what you want, i.e. Leonard Cohen’s quote (and it IS his quote), “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

Never Trust a Six

2014-10-20 22.59.57

The Sixes in Tarot: A Cautionary Tale, Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck

Never Trust A Six, by Carrie Sanders

Sixes in the Tarot Deck are a wily lot. At a glance the Sixes are represented pretty positively in the traditional Rider-Waite deck – the nostalgia and childlike innocence of the Six of Cups, the charity and gift giving of the Six of Coins, the Six of Wands victory lap on horseback, the Six of Swords image of a family rowing away from troubled waters- but they are often much more complex than what meets the eye. Sixes are usually journey/ departure cards and signal a relief from the sexy instability of the Fives. Whatever the situation the reading is about, it is definitely changing. The problem I see is that the Sixes usually indicate that the querent is choosing the cheap and easy way of getting out from under the current conflict. Take note, my fellow tarotizers: sixes are short term fixes!

I think the most easy to interpret is the Six of Coins. The rich man doling out coins while holding a scale overhead is pretty easy to interpret. Sure, it may be helpful to take that offer of cash now, but strings will be attached. There is judgment and superiority in the position of the benefactor. You can be sure the favor is expected to be reciprocated. A Six of Coins makes me wary and asks the question- can you afford this “charity” because this shit sure ain’t free!

Similarly, the Six of Cups is pretty easy to interpret. Emotional nostalgia is alluring- who doesn’t want to return to an easier time of innocence in love. I often see people getting back with some old flames on FB when I see this card. The thing about innocent love is that it is often irresponsible – and returning to a time of “innocence” is usually in avoidance of the reality at hand. If you are bored or unfulfilled a nice little stroll down memory lane with your 8th grade crush can give you a bit of a boost- but the feels of the Six of Cups are not sustainable. Be careful with the Six of Cups and rekindling old flames – it’s all fun and games until someone has to change their status.

The Six of Swords is usually referred to as the “moving away from trouble” card. Again, make sure this is not a rash move and really examine the long term consequences. This card can sometimes make me cringe a bit as the people in the boat usually are depicted as having a child or children with them. Questions to ask are how a move away from any situation will affect the family and anyone you are taking along for the ride.

When I was working as a ghostwriter on a group writing project, the card I separated from the deck and placed on the nightstand to meditate on was the Six of Wands. To me, this image of a triumphant mounted horseman with the laurel wreath represented the desired result of my effort – reward, pride and accomplishment . What I didn’t consider was this card depicts a one person victory parade – and one that alienates through its showboating arrogance. Sure, my work was done according to my schedule and I was pretty satisfied with the end result – but I was closed off to any feedback and marched right out of that unfinished project on my own. The Six of Wands is especially arrogant. The card is represented by Jupiter in Leo, so think of the expansion of all that “Me Me Me” Leo energy in any spread. In a relationship spread, this card can represent a kind of trophy spouse situation- All Eyes On Us! It most likely is a temporary situation designed to instigate some kind of jealous reaction.

Biblically a six represents man and human weakness. That said, I assure you that Sixes are nothing to fear, tarot friends. Just stay savvy to the slippery Sixes – particularly if you get several in a spread. This could mean there is deception, irresponsibility, or arrogance at hand. Trust your sixth sense.


Carrie Sanders is a writer living in Shanghai with a good husband and loving dog.

Tarot Combination of the Day (Weds Oct. 15, 2014) – Queen of Pentacles and King of Swords

2014-10-15 03.10.49

Queen of Pentacles and King of Swords

I’ve been wanting to make the daily combination thing a daily thing.  But I’ve been busy teaching and stuff so…  Booo….but I am trying my best!  This eclipse energy seems to be really moving stuff around for me, and everyone it seems. It’s all a balance, but anticipate shorter postings for a week or so….

Anyway, back to the combinations!

Court cards are always tricky even for seasoned tarot readers, mostly because the cards could be read as people, the roles that people play, the roles you take on in a situation, or an event that takes place.  So, yeah…tricky.

I get that maybe this is a couple?  If so, they would be of widely different mindsets.  One who cultivates abundance, uses common sense, and the King who values ethics and higher thought.  One who values theory, the other practice.

The cards could be asking you to embody these two opposing, seemingly (elementally speaking) separate views for today –  this idea of grounding your ideas, or embodying your ideas in practical, every day ways.  Or maybe holding intentions/higher thoughts while doing everyday things.  “I set the intention to take care of myself more with every sip of this tea,” for example.  Make it almost a daily mantra…and see what happens?  Greater abundance?  Who knows!  Try it!  Make your life a series of tantric/mantric experiments.   Make the abstract concrete.  I dare you.