The Page of Pentacles and Strength


The Page of Pentacles and Strength

The page of pentacles is ruled by the earth, in fact, earth of earth (double earth). he is a young, studious scholar who uses his book/street knowledge for practical, every day things. He looks up to his pentacle as if he sees the value in it. Perhaps one is seeing the value in what money can bring – be it more education or a simple cup of coffee.

Combined with the Strength card, this is quite auspicious. It gives one the stamina, health, soft control and will power to acquire the things that one values, even in the face of adversity. The page is young and stumbles around quite a bit, makes mistakes, learns lessons…with strength it indicates the ability to learn from lessons and assimilate them, symbolized by the lemniscate.

I kind of see this combination as the ability to deal with BS because you see the reward behind the money earned so you can focus on the things you really value. energy exchange on the earthly plane (money for knowledge/skill and vice versa), with a little charisma thrown in for good luck.

An additional meaning to this would also be to enjoy your body! Yoga, getting out in nature, reveling in the last days of warmth….experience yourself fully and enjoy it, even in the midst of uncertainty and stress.

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