Tarot Combination of the Day – 4 of swords and the Ace of Cups

2014-10-04 01.46.46

4 of Swords and Ace of Cups

The 4 of swords in today’s combination is a continuation of yesterday’s spread – meditation, repose. All those re-words come to mind.

What’s interesting and hopeful is what is presented after withdrawal from the daily grind – a heart opening. Through meditation and reflection, you open yourself up to the ecstasy of cosmic love. Creating mental breathing space (swords are ruled by mental thought) can allow you to surrender to what spirit has to offer. In other words, submit your mind to the awe-some power of your heart’s guidance/longing in order to open yourself up to new opportunities, joy, spiritual awakening.

The fruits of meditation are apparent in the imagery of the ace of cups – a dove (which symbolizes the spirit, and widely seen as a symbol of peace) carrying what looks like a communion cracker (wafer?), is the spiritual sustenance one needs for life to have meaning. Let yourself be filled with spirit so that future actions come from an inspired and loving intention.

When the 4 of swords comes up, I can’t help but think of Mercury turning retrograde at 2 degrees in Scorpio this month. Mercury retrograde is all about reassessment and taking stock.  Actually, uncannily, Mercury turns around on October 4th.  ha!

I have this witchy hunch that this coming mercury retrograde will present clues of what’s to come, signified by the ace of cups.

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