Tarot Combination of the Day — The Hermit and 4 of Swords

2014-10-03 00.06.09

The Hermit and 4 of Swords

Well, this combo is slightly more straightforward – get some much needed alone time, rest, contemplate, meditate. I even pulled a couple clarifiers and got the Hanged Man (all about surrender, stillness, meditation) and ace of wands (for added sense of urgency, as if the ace is saying, “do it, do it NOW!”).

The cards seem to ask one to closely reflect on how you can impart your own unique wisdom and truth out into this world. The 4 of swords is in repose, but he also has his hands folded in a position of someone deep in thought, as if he is strategizing.

What do you value? pitted against a world that values accomplishment, ambition, keeping ‘busy,’ the Hermit doesn’t seem to quite fit into such molds. And today, the cards suggest you don’t have to. Just be you. You’re enough.

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