The Fool and the Page of Cups

2014-10-01 20.01.23

The Fool and Page of Cups

Well, given my own wayward fashion proclivities I am immediately drawn to each card’s unusual fashion sense. I’m not urging you to dress un-sensibly or wildly, but, well, maybe I am. I’m reminded of a quote I found somewhere on Tumblr which resonated with my ideas of fashion as an intention setting ritual aka everyday witchcraft:

every day
a ritual garment for empowerment
or a disguise for protection
or a charm for enchantment

So my question for you is: What role do you want to play today? Why not play with your sense of identity with fashion? This combo is all about innocence, play and enjoying creative abandon. Remember that your creativity provides a well-spring of abundance — the fool is too busy looking up at the sky to notice what’s being offered by the page. Remember, and pay attention to spontaneous messages arising from your richly creative subconscious.

One thought on “The Fool and the Page of Cups

  1. Thanks for the post. I am always looking so deep into the “Meaning” of the cards. That I forget to look at how the pictures of the cards interact.

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