Tarot combination of the Day (Tuesday Oct. 7, 2014) – 9 of Wands and the Star

2014-10-07 01.11.48

9 of wands and The Star

Aleister Crowley (bizarre magician that created the Crowley deck) named the 9 of wands “Strength.”  It is ruled by the sun in Sagittarius.  Admittedly, I have a difficult time seeing the astrological correlation.  I do, however, recognize the idea of “strength” in the image on the Rider-Waite deck.  A man who looks a little tore up and weary by life’s challenges is still standing and guarding whatever treasures he possesses (a defensive posture) – mostly spiritual and creative treasures (the wands suit).  He is still standing though…..and not in vain.  because BAM!  the STAR appears just after it.

So I feel like this dude in this card has been through a bunch of challenges…a kind of “what the hell universe!?” kind of vibe.  The “I’ve worked, I’ve toiled, I’m tired, and now THIS!?…..”  But dude doesn’t know his strength…he has all that wand energy backing him up…he’s got skills and courage in reserve….even though he probably doesn’t feel that way.

But, you know, like the movies, just when all hope seems to be lost….the Star, the glimmer of hope, comes along to reassure him that HEY, you’re on the right path, here’s a bone for you. Because the Star is a major arcana and presides over the minor arcana, it makes me a bit suspicious of whether the man in the 9 of wands even needed to be defensive in the first place.   Anyway, back to THE STAR – when all hope seems lost, when illusions are shattered after the Tower’s demise, the Star imparts her soft light of hope to inspire you onward.  Allow yourself to be naked and vulnerable and let the universe bathe you with its vast and unfathomable love.  Peace is yours.




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