Tarot Combination of the Day (Thursday Oct. 9, 2014) – The Lovers and Ace of Swords

2014-10-09 00.28.27

The Lovers and Ace of Swords


Your love
Should never be offered to the mouth of a
Only to someone
Who has the valor and daring
To cut pieces of their soul off with a knife
Then weave them into a blanket
To protect you.


My first thought upon pulling these cards was this poem by Sufi mystic Hafez.

This combination could have a number of meanings – the most obvious would be an intense love affair and/or cutting through B.S. and making a decision as discussed in earlier meanings of The Lovers. 

But, for me, I guess this poem/tarot combination is about deciding that one should (at least for the day!) cut out what isn’t necessary to your soul’s growth and only bare your soul to those ideas and people that resonate with you.  The idea of discernment comes to mind.  And hey, this poem not-so-subtly alludes to some pretty intense, all-or-nothing kind of love, esoteric meaning aside.  and why would you deserve anything less?

If we’re working with timing, perhaps whatever decisions you mull over at this time will play out during the winter months, as the ace of swords is ruled by the ingress of winter.

I’m curious about the cloud formations on both cards….Any input on that would be appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Tarot Combination of the Day (Thursday Oct. 9, 2014) – The Lovers and Ace of Swords

  1. Hello cardsnstars,

    A perfect Synchronicity! Enjoying this FM Eclipse day (and all the supporting aspects, involving the planets, signs, nodes, aspects). This is how your two-card pull speaks to me–

    You point toward the clouds– I will just free-associate here (Uranus is running my day!)– Cloud 1– fullness, potency in potentiality, fertility, ripening/pregnant, rain about to fall and quench it all!, Abundanza!, everything (hidden or obvious)-under-the-sun-protection by Universal Law, growth, ripeness, flowering; the Feminine lunar power in all of us expressed herein.
    Cloud 2– storminess (the Angel of Lightening/aka Uranus) bursting forth; breaking through turmoil (breakthrough, instead of breakdown); no more potential, but potency let loose, the fiery line (sword) of discrimination/clarity, clarity lighting/lightening up into full awareness/pointing to the crowing achievement of self-mastery– full consciousness; what we do/our choices/actions/the magic we make (the hand holding the sword) has fiery power– to create or destroy; the starkness of clarity; the
    Masculine solar force in all of us expressed herein, the minimalistic landscape (devoid of fruit and flower) creates sharp relief to face…what? Truth! Reality… beyond bonds, attachments, holds, relationships, dualities, etc.

    As an Astrologer, I see the synchronous support of the astrological messaging of this day: TSun/Venus conjunction in Libra (my own natal pattern btw!), opposing Moon/Uranus in Aries; and the alignment w. the Nodes as well: (relation vs. individuation, attracting/repelling, cooperating/rebelling; both squaring Pluto (the great challenge of transformation of energy– our motives, choices, actions in these realms of Other/Self); also, what we need/choose to leave, separate from (that from the past that is no longer effectuating our growth as spiritual/human beings– not ALL past, but whatever is unduly weighing us down/smothering us) and the courage to do so (but the lesson of doing so w/o the motive/seed of harm/violence)– how to individuate (grow, flower, come forth, ripen, express et al) w. love; how to love self into becoming, how to choose one’s battles (in relating) wisely, and how to ‘not sweat the little things’ (in terms of learning to cooperate/be a social being/relay love) in any relating we do, w/o losing the center of our deepest, sacred self, who we are/and are meant to be (despite the pressures of all Other).

    To ultimately dance the dance of being one entity (w. all its uniqueness of creation) in the vast Field of all Otherness), and loving it all the same!

    Good dealing, cardsnstars (btw, you look VERY Uranian);~}!!

  2. Thank you for your input! So appreciated, and needed. In my meditations, I’ve literally been getting a desert with rain clouds gathering….so you’ve helped me crystallize and make sense of the imagery haha.

    I feel very Uranian these days hahaha…I have Aries sun (3’23” degrees)/ 11 degrees Libra ascendant, so I feel like the current astrological climate speaks to me, although kinda hard to see when in the middle of it all. Anyway, thanks so much for your insightful words 🙂

  3. You’re SO welcome! And WOW, your imagery was phenomal ! Plus, you certainly DID plug into this past Wednesday’s FM Eclipse, with your signs and closed degrees of Aries/Libra.

    Don’tcha just love such synchronicity when/as it happens?!!

    I don’t know if you signed into WordPress and read my comment on there (or just got it in your mailbox), but if you go to WP again, you can read my exchange w. Jenna-Leigh Black there, under her ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart” entry (just scroll down below your own topic).
    You’ll see (synchronicity again!) that I too have Libra energy and my
    ‘story’ involves relationship (plus a of Aries/Arian energies)!!
    * Btw, turns out my Sun in Libra is opposite your Aries Sun (w. ~ 3* orb), and my Venus is conjunct your Asc. (by ~ 2-3*, as well)– those
    synchronities just keepa comin’! ;~} I meditate too….btw2 ;`}

    Continue growing…!

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