Tarot Combination of the Day (Oct. 11, 2014) – Ace of Pentacles and The Devil

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Ace of Pentacles and The Devil

You know that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus is taking Neo through a simulation/program of the matrix, and a beautiful buxom Marilyn Monroe-esque blonde passes the both of them?  Neo takes pause, causing Morpheus to pause the whole program and warns him not to get seduced….anyway, yeah, this combo reminds me of that scene.

The first thing I notice about this combination is that both cards are ruled by the element Earth, as the pentagram appears in both cards (inverted with the devil).  When we’re talking about any card ruled by the element Earth, our area of concern involves anything dealing with the body, matter, the pleasures and heaviness of living in this 3D Earthly realm.  and yeah, this includes money.

Aces are all about new energy, the seed of potentiality, opportunities (from without) as signified by a random hand coming out of some clouds.  It’s like the universe has answered whatever intention you put out into the ether, condensed it and it has finally whittled its way down into the earthly realm – a new job, a financial opportunity, better health, etc.

With the Ace of pentacles, we are, of course, immediately drawn to the star formation in the middle of the coin, which is a pentagram.  The idea of the pentagram is that it represents the human body, but interestingly, the formation of the star is celestial, so the idea is “As above, so below.” or to quote Crowley, “Every man and woman is a star.”

But then, we have, uh-oh, THE DEVIL.  and well, the pentagram is inverted hahaha.  So we have this opportunity, this perfect sense of manifestation eventually turned on its head.  Balance between the earthly and spiritual realms has been inverted.  Perhaps we have become overly materialistic, and have forgotten about what real abundance means.  Maybe we’re unable to cultivate/water what we’ve been given because we’ve developed fear around the idea of abundance.

I suppose the cards are sort of issuing a warning –  don’t become a slave to the senses.  Yes, opportunity abounds, but it can easily be derailed by unconscious patterning that keep one stuck.  Be vigilant, and work toward the highest good of all when dealing with the idea of manifesting one’s desires.  I might also suggest that the Devil is ruled by Capricorn, and Pluto is currently in Capricorn, breaking down economic/political systems worldwide.  If a new job opportunity rolls your way, make sure it’s not a dead end position in which you find yourself bored and just another cog in the machine.  At best, use that opportunity to work with the ideas that you love, which would be in effect taking your power back.

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