Tarot Combination of the Day (Weds Oct. 15, 2014) – Queen of Pentacles and King of Swords

2014-10-15 03.10.49

Queen of Pentacles and King of Swords

I’ve been wanting to make the daily combination thing a daily thing.  But I’ve been busy teaching and stuff so…  Booo….but I am trying my best!  This eclipse energy seems to be really moving stuff around for me, and everyone it seems. It’s all a balance, but anticipate shorter postings for a week or so….

Anyway, back to the combinations!

Court cards are always tricky even for seasoned tarot readers, mostly because the cards could be read as people, the roles that people play, the roles you take on in a situation, or an event that takes place.  So, yeah…tricky.

I get that maybe this is a couple?  If so, they would be of widely different mindsets.  One who cultivates abundance, uses common sense, and the King who values ethics and higher thought.  One who values theory, the other practice.

The cards could be asking you to embody these two opposing, seemingly (elementally speaking) separate views for today –  this idea of grounding your ideas, or embodying your ideas in practical, every day ways.  Or maybe holding intentions/higher thoughts while doing everyday things.  “I set the intention to take care of myself more with every sip of this tea,” for example.  Make it almost a daily mantra…and see what happens?  Greater abundance?  Who knows!  Try it!  Make your life a series of tantric/mantric experiments.   Make the abstract concrete.  I dare you.

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