Tarot Combination of the Day (Tues Oct. 21, 2014) – Death and 3 of Pentacles

2014-10-21 02.51.27

Death and 3 of Pentacles, Morgan-Greer Deck

There’s some quote somewhere on Tumblr, or some other social media site that says something like, “The only constant is change.”  Probably tagged with a famous name like Einstein or Rupaul, who probably didn’t even quote the text.  Ah, the travails of modern life.  Nevertheless, the quote is simple, if not cliche, and, like any truth, simple and complex.  The world we live in is a place in constant flux – nothing stays the same.  There’s no better card to exemplify this truth than the Death card in tarot.

The Death card’s astrological association is Scorpio – how fitting, because the sun is about to ingress Scorpio.  What does Scorpio represent?  Only sex, death, taxes, other peoples’ money, transformation.  Pretty much on point with what card 13 represents.

The three of pentacles is traditionally the card of the “specialist.”  It’s the card of the initial fulfillment of a creative venture, the manifestation of a project in the material world.  Traditionally, in the Rider-Waite deck, there are 3 people collaborating on a project, each seemingly valuing each others opinion and working together to create what seems like art.  However, the Morgan-Greer version is a bit more distilled and depicts a solitary man toiling away on his project, in the shadows.

What needs to die in order that you can create?  I guess that’s the question that you need to ask yourself when the sun enters Scorpio….How can you create a space of vulnerability so that you may open to others’ feedback and truly manifest your vision within a supportive collaborative community?  The gift that we walk away with when something within/without us dies is the sense of opening up even more to allow for more of what you want, i.e. Leonard Cohen’s quote (and it IS his quote), “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

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