Tarot Combination of the Day (Friday Oct. 31, 2014) – 2 of Pentacles and 8 of Swords

2014-10-31 02.00.06

2 of pentacles and 8 of swords, Centennial Waite Deck

Happy Halloween/Samhain!  Your Halloween reading is all about what stops you from keeping you in the flow of abundance.  The idea I get is that, your mind, your outdated beliefs stop you from keeping in the flow.

The first card is the 2 of pentacles.  I see this card as the flow of abundance…having a sense of play about living in the material world, of participating in life, of understanding the intrinsic idea of E=MC2.  Energy and Matter are intertwined, do what you love and you’ll see the flow of material resources.  Crowley assigns this card’s astrological association to Jupiter in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.  Both Jupiter and Saturn are completely at odds, but when working together, capable of BIG things.   Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts, Jupiter is optimistic, Saturn is more pragmatic.  Jupiter has BIG ideas, Saturn has PRACTICAL ideas.  Together, a formidable force – doing that thing you love but with a solid grounding.  If you look at the card, he is on solid ground, despite his funny hat and precarious juggling and wacky waves in the background.  The card urges you have room to be WILD when you come from a place of flow, which, according to some new age circles means, LOVE.  Do what you love dudes, it may take time to get the balance of it all, but it is worth your time if it means enjoying your life.

And now for the downer, the mind.  The suit of swords is ruled my the mind.  The 8 of swords is pretty easy to interpret when you look at the image – a woman tied up and blindfolded.  it’s the “STUCK” card.  The mind has a way of creating obstacles and saying, no, you have to be more conventional blah blah, things put in identifiable boxes .  Same-as-it-ever-was, old ideas of security keeping you from not moving out of your comfort zone.  Fun times.  You can see that she is not tied to anything, she stands alone.  This is all her doing.  I find this idea as taking responsibility for limiting beliefs, finding those blind spots, those attitudes and ideas that keep us from being in the “flow” of the 2 of pentacles.

What keeps you stuck?  Where are you shut down?  The cards invite you to explore where your mind and beliefs are limiting you from the abundance that is already available to you.  Prosperity and happiness are available to you right here, right now.  Release what binds you and take what was always yours to begin with.

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