Reflections on The Chariot and the New Moon in Cancer

The Chariot from the Rider-Waite tarot deck

The Chariot from the Rider-Waite tarot deck

I dunno about you,  but I find myself a bit unmotivated and lethargic these days, perhaps it’s Saturn in Scorpio, the stifling heat of my apartment, my Millennial disposition, all of the above. Anyway, as we inch closer towards the New Moon in Cancer, I find myself reflecting a lot on the Chariot card. Seriously, tossing and turning just before waking up, this card has been on. My. MIND. I believe my subconscious has a message for me in this card and hope to integrate card 7’s elements fully as I go through this period of 4 of cups ‘meh!’

I must admit, the Chariot card has always baffled me. There’s so much symbolism – black/white sphinxes, moons, stars, helmet, shapes, that lingam/yoni red top thing? – I don’t even know where to begin. and where are the charioteer’s reigns? What are those Annunaki symbols on his skirt!? too much magic, TOO MUCH MAGIC! There’s just so much mystery.

I imagine the mystery contained in this card will help me unlock the mystery of my own inertia. It’s my intention anyway, and the written word is powerful. Join me on this possibly,hopefully victorious journey as I attempt to gallantly (in true charioteer fashion) clear my psychic deck from this opioid-like sloth.

The first thing I notice on this card is this dude on the chariot – clearly not struggling. His face appears to be in “total control.” Perhaps he’s coming back from a victorious battle. He has a scepter in his right, masculine hand, signifying rulership and attainment. His left hand calm and receptive. This man does not command through external influence (the reigns you might see on a ‘normal’ charioteer), he rules/directs with his enlightened (signified by his bedazzled helmet) mind.

And what about the Sphinxes? Truly these mythological creatures are the embodiment of mystery, filled with riddles, guardians of important places. I always thought the symbol of the sphinx in card 7 represented one’s emotions and subconscious. I mean, the emotions and the realm of the subconscious are mysterious places that, if allowed to run amok, if accessed haphazardly, may ruin lives , depending on one’s vices (think Oedipus). When harnessed correctly (as the charioteer) the subconscious holds the key to psychic wholeness.

Which brings us to that shape over his heart? A square. the square is a representation of the material world and organization. Think the domain of the emperor. It is no mistake that the charioteer has a square emblazoned over his heart – this man has achieved mastery over his emotional faculties – his heart’s desires in accordance within material reality.

The Chariot itself could be a representation of the body itself, the star canopy symbolizing our own divinity. So we have a troika – the mind, body, and with the sphinx, the spirit. All seem to be “in control,” or balanced, as if there was a unity of purpose, the driver perfectly poised and confident. #GOALS

The Thoth tarot deck assigns The Chariot to the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal ( cardinal signs are usually ambitious, active signs as they signal the start of a season) water sign that heralds the beginning of summer (the solstice). Cancer is also ruled by the moon, which goes through the signs roughly ever three days, change change change ever moving, slowly attaining emotional control, an eventual personification of the moon itself – a satellite. I think the charioteer triumphs because he intrinsically knows that emotions are never a constant, that everything is subject to change, and we must keep moving. There are forces from without that influence our lives, and we must understand that and live in accordance to influences both within and without.

Whenever I encounter cancer individuals, they always seem obsessed with the material world, and their mastery of it. Most I’ve met do incredibly well financially, yet maintain a connection to the world of spirit and art, all with this befuddling attachment to material things and pragmatic sense of our time being limited on this planet.

The Chariot - A collage via

The Chariot – A collage via

It’s sobering to say the least, cancers people are always a wake up call for me to sort of live in this material reality, and usually provide pragmatic solutions for how to live soulfully on this planet. The evolved ones anyway.

As we approach the new moon, perhaps we can all reflect upon how we can master our emotions and utilize our personal power on this planet. Especially as the moon opposes Pluto (planet of power and transformation, dark grottoes and The Shadow). The moon is acting as faithful watcher in the sky, imploring you to look at the intrinsic message in the archetypal energy of Card 7, a card of contradiction, determination, movement, power, self-mastery; all keys to help bring your desires manifest on this Earthly playground. Pay attention.

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