Graffiti from God: Your Wednesday Word of the Week

A new feature here at Cards & Stars is sharing a game of divination Ambar and I created in Rome.  It’s quite simple- we seek messages sent from the beyonds in the form of simple graffiti (usually one word) and act as channels to impart the wisdom to our fellow earthbound mortals.

The divine communication can be a call to action, a warning, a prediction, or a significant political, social, or moral point to ponder.  The messages can be as substantial as the buildings they cover or funny as hell.  Once you start looking, you will realize these gifts are everywhere.

This weeks Grafitti from God, “Cannabis Tho” was seen outside the #20 tram window in Kraków, Poland.  It can be interpreted as a straightforward commentary on the current global climate of decriminalizing drugs.  In my fair home State of Washington, legalizing marijuana (and selling it at $11.52 per gram at licensed shops) has added 65 million dollars in tax revenue in a year.Not bad for a bunch of stoners.

More than that, the message of “Cannabis Tho” is a call for us to consider and reconsider- the “tho” is a rebuttal, a tail question, a raised eyebrow to the argument before you.  It’s a pause to reflect on what could be gained by accepting a new position on an issue.  What should you decriminalize and profit from in your life?

With love, Carrie x

One-word Graffiti: Seen on the #20 tram in Krakow, Poland.

One-word Graffiti: Seen on the #20 tram in Krakow, Poland.

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