Graffiti from God: Your Wednesday Word of the Week

“EAGER ICK” – Seen in Brooklyn, NY

As many of you all know, I recently moved to New York.  I seem to come back to this city over and over again, this being maybe like my fourth time back.  New York is a transitory city, people always move in and move out, therefore each experience here is unique.

The downside is that I usually have to start over, building a network of people before getting somewhere.  Oh well.  I keep hearing this kind of catch-phrase with people living here that you shouldn’t “try too hard” or be “over eager” when finding friends or looking for work.  Apparently this is annoying.

And what a Catch-22.  You’re in a new place – you WANT friends, you WANT a job.  It’s natural to want to try too hard to attain both.

“Eager ick”  no no, NY don’t heart over-eager.  It is considered emphatically icky (“EAGER ICK!”) to LONG FOR things in this city and show it.

I’d like to create a space here for you to LONG FOR things, to want a good life for yourself..  But also remind you (“EAGER ICK”) not to over water your plants, so to speak.  Long for your things, create a space to feel into your heart’s desires, let them go, and see comes back around.  Easier said than done.

With love, Ambar x

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