Graffiti from God: Your Wednesday Word of the Week

"Gold Poo," Seen on Evergreen Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn.

“Gold Poo,” Seen on Evergreen Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Mercury retrograde gets a lot of press these days.  It’s a time when Mercury slows down and other planets whizz past, and occurs about three of four times a year.   It’s actually a restful state of the planet, not a reversal of its direction. In general, it’s a time for the prefix “re”- a time to renegotiate, revise, reorganize, review.

Astrologically for me this retrograde is hitting hard. I am a Gemini with Libra rising- air signs both. A psychic that claimed to see auras told me mine stopped at my knees and I was unanchored to the earthly plane- I go where the wind blows. As someone that moves about this earth unrestricted, I am extremely uncomfortable with anything that restrains me. I am a quick, no looking back decisive person and I resent returning to the past. This retrograde demands a reconsideration of our life decisions, particularly our communications and how we have and will react to things in our realm.

Months ago I wrote about the grimy lunch lady of life serving me heaping helpings from a shit buffet. Now with Mercury retrograde in Libra until October 9th I find myself re-seated at the table of reheated crap with renewed outrage. I am revisiting the old hurts, reflecting on the past, and searching for a new revelation that will set me on a new course after this re-diculous period ends.

The graffiti “gold poo” found on Evergreen Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn suggests that there is opportunity in this shit show. It’s a chance to reassess the situation you are in and rethink how you want to deal with it. It’s a cosmic re-do: what would be the result if we resolved to respond to our old crap in a new way?

With love, Carrie x

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