deeply contemplating the planets, or Kanye West.

Cards & Stars explores astrological, religious, mythological, and card symbolism through the medium of the ordinary (gossip, everyday life) and the extraordinary (dreams, visions, astral and subtle realms, music, Jungian psychology).

Cards & Stars started back around 2007 in Poland, at which time I honed my skills as a tarot reader and astrologer with my now-BFF and brilliant writer Carrie Sanders .

Aside from esoteric leanings, I am a classically-trained musician and avid follower of current events, fashion and dirty gossip.  Consuming (yes, I fully digest) music and reading bad British tabloids is a crass hobby of mine (a hobby Carrie and I deeply share), so these topics will be fully explored, with possible tie-ins to cards….and stars.


carrie sanders

Carrie in Amsterdam


Carrie Sanders is based in Krakow after a long slow meandering journey around the world. She spends her time writing, teaching, watching bad reality shows and transforming pain into wisdom. She once had a dream that she was riding her bike through a field and stopped at a sign that read “Blount: the Canadian practice of drinking just enough water.” She continues to seek just enough of everything.