I offer tarot classes, both online and in Seoul.

Currently I offer an introductory course through the Latin American Center of Korea every Thursday at 8:30pm.

Online courses are 10USD per hour and cover a range of topics depending on the client’s needs.

In-person courses are typically 6-weeks, there are beginner and intermediate courses.

My courses look somewhat like what I’ve shown below, but are subject to change.


From Thursday September 4th
8.30pm – 9.30pm
Introduction to Tarot
45 minutes of lecture + 15 minutes of reading
10 000 won

From Sunday September 14th
5.30pm – 7pm
6 weeks set
1 hour of lecture + 30 minutes of reading
90 000 won for six weeks

week one – Brief history of the Tarot. the elements of tarot. numbers, what they mean. major symbols in tarot. BRAINSTORM WITH CARDS MEANINGS.

week two – major arcana cards 0-10

week three – major arcana cards 11-21

week four – minor arcana: wands and pentacles, court cards

week five – minor arcana: cups, swords, court cards

week six – astrological correspondence to cards, tarot and timing, card combinations, card spreads, celtic cross, 3-card readings, relationship spread, etc

Add-on :

Bring the necessary materials to take notes
Possibility to buy the cards directly from me within one week.

available for private consultations and/or event readings too


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